Hi all! I’m a digital marketing freelancer. Every time I introduce myself to them as a freelancer they always ask what I really do. In this blog, I would like to tell you what a typical day in the life of a digital marketing freelancer would look like.

Before diving into my day let me address the elephant in the room.

Who is a digital marketing freelancer?

Well! Every business needs to have an online identity in today’s digital-paced world. A digital marketing freelancer is someone who would take care of your business in the digital space. A good digital marketing freelancer can help your business achieve brand awareness and success.

How my day starts?

Every morning I start by reviewing my tasks for the day. I also see if there are any client meetings scheduled for the day. This helps me to plan my day and execute all tasks effectively. If there are some client meetings, I prioritize preparing for them after I analyze the ongoing campaigns, if any, and see their performance. If there are any major diversions from the estimated results, I analyze them to find the reason for the diversion and optimize them to get the expected results. If not, I keep monitoring the campaigns to get better results.

Then I move on to check the trends for the day and see what’s going on all social media platforms. This gives me an idea as to what content to plan for the day and the future. I also check what the competitors are posting online. Once I am done with my research on all social media platforms, I start to create content. I write my content and create creatives using Canva, Photoshop, etc. Some days I post two or more different content on my social media accounts. I use the Instagram reels feature to shoot reels and I edit them on Inshot and Canva. I make sure that all content I create and post aligns with my marketing strategy and goals. I also check and confirm that my content and creatives don’t involve plagiarism.

Once I’m done with my content I then decide if that particular content needs to be boosted or run as ads. To decide I ask myself if that content is worth promoting and what value will it add to my business or my client’s account. If I am confident that the content is worth promoting I then decide the budget, duration, description, call to action, and target audiences.

I schedule or post the content at the ideal time when my audiences are online. Then I spend an hour engaging with my audience on social media. I like, comment, and repost all mentions on my social media accounts. I also reply to all the messages I get. Engaging with my audience on a day-to-day basis helps me understand them better. It also builds loyalty and trust among them. Being responsive on social media also helps me acquire new customers. Usually, I have a content calendar for every month and I go by them. It covers all the important events, special days, etc.

I spend an hour analyzing the data every day. I look at the data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Manager, Instagram dashboards, etc. They give me a better understanding of which content is performing better, who my audience is, reach, engagement, etc. With the help of these data, I can post, engage, and plan strategies accordingly.

To achieve success online I need to be consistent. So I post and engage with my audience every day. Even when I run on a hectic schedule I ensure that I spend some time interacting with them.

I also allocate some time to see where my/my client’s site is ranking on Google. I do keyword research and suggest ways to optimize their content. This helps to boost the website ranking on SERPs and increase organic traffic.

I allocate some time every day to learn new things in the field. I update myself about the advancements from industry blogs, Google, etc. I learn new concepts, trends, and tools every day. I also spent some time on all the new tools. I constantly look for ways to be more effective. Whenever there are tools or updates I dedicate my time to learning them. I also enroll in new courses relating to my niche and spend 30 minutes every day learning them. If I get more time I allot more time for these courses. I also attended the free webinars conducted by industry experts. These give me higher insights as to what and where the industry is going. This helps me to cope with the new trends and be updated. The networking I get through these is highly valuable.

I finally wrap up my day by analyzing all the tasks I did and planning for the next day. This helps me to stay organized.

Being a digital marketing freelancer has some advantages like flexibility, work-life balance, etc. However, I need to allot a huge amount of time to update myself and learn new things. I need to manage my time and my clients. Communicating and keeping my clients updated about the work is very important.

I stick to my deadlines and make sure I deliver quality work to all my clients. I always go on a review call and ask for feedback. This helps me to improve my work. I maintain a portfolio of all the work I have done to date and update them quarterly. This helps me showcase and gain more clients. I maintain a page for myself and also update my work on Behance. I started by working on small projects for my close ones and friends. Later the word of mouth marketing helped me earn new clients and showcasing my work online expanded my clientele.

The life of a freelancer is exciting and cool if you are open to learning new things, constantly updating yourself, managing your time well, and adhering to deadlines. Now let’s hear it from you. Comment below about your freelancing experience.

A girl working on her freelance digital marketing projects